Lunch & Learns Summer 2023

Lunch & Learns Summer 2023


Lunch & Learns Summer 2023

Join the North Thames Genomic Service and South East Genomic Medicine Service for a series of lunch and learn sessions for nurses and midwives to gain an insight into how genomic testing is used across different areas of healthcare. Professionals will share their expertise of genomic tests available for patients through different patient pathways.

May 19, 2023 - August 18, 2023

19 May 2023, 1-2pm

Inherited Epilepsies, genomics & comprehensive care

Epilepsy is a common neurological condition. A genetic basis for epilepsy has long been known of and advances in genetic testing has increased our ability to diagnose genetic causes of epilepsy. Join our speakers to hear about genetic epilepsy, genetic testing and pathways available for patients and their families.

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23 June 2023, 1-2pm

Unique – Supporting families with rare chromosome or gene disorders

As part of rare chromosome awareness week, we are excited to be joined by representatives from Unique, who will be discussing their role in supporting patients and professionals with pre and postnatal diagnosis of rare chromosome or gene disorders. This talk will also cover topics including implications of a diagnosis, and the language used by healthcare professionals.

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21 July 2023, 1-2pm

Our Future Health

Hear from Our Future Health, the largest planned UK health research programme. This session will cover the main programme goals, including how Genomics will help researchers tackle disease and what personal Genomic-related feedback the target 5 million participants may be offered in the future.

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18 August 2023, 1-2pm

Inherited Cardiac Conditions and Sudden Adult Death

This session will cover the role of Pathologists and autopsy in identifying deaths with a cardiogenetic cause, the role of Nurses in the national inherited cardiac conditions transformation project, and a spotlight on the patient and family experience of inherited cardiac conditions and sudden adult death.

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