The North Thames Genomic Medicine Service Alliance

The vision of the GMSA is to embed genomics into the mainstream health service.


The vision of the GMSA is to embed genomics into the mainstream health service and ensure all patients in our region with inherited conditions and cancer can access the improvements genomics can offer, including effective diagnosis and precision treatment.

We bring together multidisciplinary clinical capabilities, expertise in research and patient and public involvement, and a strong focus on education and training to deliver genomic medicine for our diverse population. We work in close collaboration with the GLH to ensure patients can fully benefit from advances in genomics and have equitable access to standardised testing pathways.

The GMSA is focussed on making demonstrable improvements for our patients and the populations we serve.

Our key priorities are;

Integrating genomic testing in pathways, including creating and improving cancer and pathology pathways

Delivering national and regional transformation projects which bring genomic innovation to patients. You can find more about our transformation projects here.

Delivering an extensive education, training and workforce development programme. 

Find out more and access our training resources. Working with the multidisciplinary NHS workforce to bring genomics into their services

Improving delivery and access to precision medicine and medicine optimisation driven by genomic characterisation

Maximising opportunities in research and innovation, including supporting research projects run by Genomics England and improving patient access to clinical trials

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