Our Work

As well as providing genomic testing for the North Thames region, we are accelerating the pace at which genomics is embedded in everyday healthcare care through our transformation projects and research.

Our Work

100,000 Genomes project

The NHS North Thames GMS is building on the foundations of the 100,000 Genomes project driving forward its aim to make genomics part of routine healthcare. We work closely with NHS, academic and commercial partners to support, promote and conduct research and transformation projects which will bring the benefits of genomics to patients and their families.

Our approach to research and transformation is broad and encompasses the development and implementation of new tests, technologies and service pathways as well as clinical, translational and basic research.

Genomics research in the North Thames

Research plays a vital role in improving our understanding about the role of genomics in the onset, progression, heritability and treatment of disease.

We’re committed to working with Genomics England, the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) and other partners to support genomic research projects in the region. We contribute to the national NHS Genomics Research Collaborative, which has been set up to ensure alignment with national research aims to deliver better outcomes for patients both now and in the future.

Transformation projects

We support a range of transformation projects across disease areas including cancer, rare diseases, personalised medicine and primary care.

We focus on delivering projects which enable equity of access for patients across the North Thames region, transform clinical care or NHS services and have a direct impact to patients and service users.

Many of the projects we support are submitted to and approved by NHSE for transformation funding, based on key national priorities. In addition to providing allocated funding to projects, we also provide support in other ways, such as programme management, helping create partnership networks and providing education and communications support.

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