Transformation Projects

Genomic Pathology Accelerator Programme

Ensuring a high-quality pathology service for more accurate, faster diagnoses in cancer.

Genomic Pathology Accelerator Programme

Project Background

Cellular pathology (also known as histopathology) is the study of diseases of organs and tissues.  It underpins all aspects of a patient’s care from diagnosis, to personalised treatment, and the ongoing monitoring of a patient’s condition.  Cellular pathology is key to the analysis of tumour tissue and diagnosis of cancer.

Advances in genomics is shaping our approach in cellular pathology:

  • Pathologists now have access to genomic information, as well as any structural abnormalities in the tissue visible by microscopy, which can enable more precise diagnosis and risk prediction;
  • Providing additional sub-typing of cancers and the development of targeted treatments.

Project Overview

This is a national NHSE Led project, with clinical leadership from the North Thames GMS Pathology Lead.  The project aims to analyse and improve the ways in which tumour samples for solid cancers are processed and used for diagnosis to optimise turnaround times and ensure a high-quality process across the NHS Genomic Medicine Service.

This will be achieved by bringing together clinical leads, Pathology leads, biomedical scientists and all other roles where pathology is involved, as well as the wider stakeholder network (for example Royal College of Pathologists), to assess what is needed and to help develop educational and training resources for the workforce.

If there is a high-quality pathology service analysing samples quickly then it is possible to achieve more accurate diagnoses, faster, which will mean better outcomes for patients with cancer as the earlier it is detected and treated the better.

Progress to Date

Within North Thames we have been successful in bidding for a Darzi Fellowship for our regional project and have Tracey Cole (Tracey’s details if she is happy) to work closely with the Pathology Lead to take this forward locally.

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