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DPYD National Transformation Project

NT GMSA contribution to national project

DPYD National Transformation Project

Project Background

This project was a national initiative to optimise and standardise the equitable implementation of DPYD pharmacogenomic testing by identifying barriers and building recommendations for multidisciplinary pathways and data collection, as an exemplar for future pharmacogenomic pathways. The project also aimed to identify any areas of improvement within the clinical effectiveness of DPYD pharmacogenomic testing.

Project overview

Optimising and improving the clinical effectiveness of DPYD gene testing for patients with cancer.

To monitor future performance with respect to TATs, access of the test.

The data will highlight regional variation to address for standardisation / quality improvement and sites where service redesign may be needed

Recommendations on pathway implementation and healthcare professional roles therein to support improvements Pathways from this project to inform and provide an exemplar for mainstreaming of future pharmacogenetic pathways.

Progress to date

To date, the NT GMSA has:

  • Analysed national questionnaire.
  • Created individual DPYD pathways for each 14 cancer providing trusts in North Thames and results were provided to help organisations to visualise what could be an ideal pathway, in Trusts whose turnaround time was found to be improved.
  • Engaged with the GLH DPYD lab leads.
  • Delivered engagement and educational sessions with pharmacy champions with the aim to raise awareness of work being undertaken.
  • Participated in a national retrospective audit, in which 50% of our trusts completed the retrospective audit, showing engagement with the NT-GMS alliance educational and engagement sessions.
  • Collected data for specific Trust that wished to participate but could not guarantee deadline deliveries and thus building rapport with our cancer providing trusts.
  • Continued with educational session provided with cancer alliances to showcase MDT approach to GI cancers, highlighting the work we have been doing on the DPYD project.
  • Engaged with NHSE/I to provide advice on the DPYD testing requirements for a seamless testing pathway (I’ll find the correct meeting title on my emails).
  • PPI engagement for regional and for cancer PPI too.
  • Created a patient information leaflet and in contact with Macmillan group.
  • Participated in the Gold Standard Pathway for DPYD testing.
  • Written a closure report.
  • An abstract has been accepted in the European Hospital Pharmacy Congress and will be presented in Lisbon in March 2023

Currently drafted a QI Project to implement with GLH.

Raliat OnatadeChief Pharmacist NT GMSA

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