Enhancing Pharmacogenetics Knowledge and Implementation

Enhancing Pharmacogenetics Knowledge and Implementation


Enhancing Pharmacogenetics Knowledge and Implementation

September 26th 9:00am-16:30pm

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society, 66-68E Smithfield, London, E1W 1AW

To raise awareness of the role of pharmacogenetic testing and governance considerations, the NTGMS have planned an in-person event on Thursday 26th September 2024 to share key developments and to highlight the importance of pharmacogenetic education and training.

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September 26, 2024

A key part of medicines optimisation is to prevent serious adverse drug reactions and ensure patients receive the right medication at the right dose at the right time. To achieve this healthcare professionals currently use a trial and error approach. Within the population 4 out of 5 patients are likely to carry a genetic variant affecting their ability to metabolise or tolerate a commonly prescribed medication. Pharmacogenetics refers to the role of inherited genetic variation from both DNA and the mitochondrial genome, which can help clinicians identify the variability of response and pre-emptively identify those likely to have a serious adverse drug reaction.

Pharmacogenetics has entered some clinical areas as part of routine care, such as oncology, HIV, some neonatal centres, neurology e.g. multiple sclerosis and cardiovascular centres e.g., cardiomyopathy. However, the role of pharmacogenetics will soon have an impact on commonly prescribed medications. This means that all healthcare professionals and service providers need to be aware of the educational and training requirements and the impact pharmacogenetics will have within clinical pathways.

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